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New Here

New Here

New Here

Welcome to our webpage!

We're glad you've found us online, but we'd really love the chance to meet you in person. We're a little biased, but we think it is a really great time for you to connect to all that God is doing at Valley. We'd love to have you come be a part of what is happening!


Before you come we want you to know three important things about us:

  1. We are a church committed to making disciples. - We believe this is the entire reason the church exists. Every person is on a journey we call discipleship. It is the journey from "Knowing-Nothing-About-God" to "Being-A-Faithful-Follower-Of-Jesus." Everything we do as a church is run through the filter of helping ourselves and others take intentional steps forward on that journey. 
  2. We are a church committed to family. - We believe the church is a family. It is a messy family, just like every other family. But as a family, we will walk together in life and love and discipleship. We will care for each other. We will grow to love one another more fully. 
  3. We are a church committed to missions. - The church is a family, but it is an ever-growing family. While we strive to grow together we must always be committed to bringing others with us. We broadly define missions as communicating to people that they are loved by Jesus. We want people here, and there, and everywhere to know this is true. We are deeply committed to taking the love of Jesus to our neighbors and the nations. 

So come be a part of the work God is doing in us, through us, and with us. We'd love to have you join this beautifully diverse family we call Valley. Check our FAQ page to learn more about us and your first visit. 


How to find us...

We are located at 1401 York Road in Lutherville, MD. This means we are just outside the Baltimore Beltway on York Road.