Food donations for ACTC are collected weekly on Thursdays from 5-6 p.m.  Drive in and drop off of all new non-perishable foods as well as toiletries are accepted. 

New Here

New Here

New Here



 Lead Pastor — Currently we are without a full-time pastor, but are being led by a Transition Team of 5 members who are providing the guidance that the lead pastor would be providing.  They are also responsible for coverage of preaching during our Sunday morning worship services.  Currently, Mike McQuitty of Grace Life Collegiate Ministries is preaching at our Sunday morning services.  


Vision Team

  • The Vision Team leads Valley by praying and seeking direction from God in understanding the specific directions God is calling us to move. 
  • Current members are -  Susan and Harold Tinsley

Leadership Team

  • This team is made up of leaders of a multitude of areas in the life of Valley. Together they strive to keep Valley working towards "Making Family...on Mission." 

Transition Team

  • This team serves to keep Valley focused and moving forward during our transition time.  Their responsibilities are
    • Work in cooperation with Valley’s Vision Team and Leadership Team to make decisions regarding transitions in this interim season.
    • Provide leadership to Sunday morning worship including the securing of interim preaching and worship music personnel.
    • Serve as direct oversight and advocate for Valley’s Ministry Assistant in the absence of a Lead Pastor.
    • Serve as primary contact with Vision Team to an outside consultant to help determine the road ahead for Valley.
    • Recommend creation of a Pastoral Search Committee when appropriate and recommend members of the Pastoral Search Committee with input from Vision Team and Leadership Team.
    • Serve as a temporary intermediary between VBC and Maryland Christian Church and VBC and Valley Baptist Preschool.
  • Current members are - Aaron Stewart, Alvin Bowles, Cathy Burgess, Ellen York, and Jacque Spielman