Food donations for ACTC are collected weekly on Thursdays from 5-6 p.m.  Drive in and drop off of all new non-perishable foods as well as toiletries are accepted. 

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New Here

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 Lead Pastor — Currently we are without a full-time pastor, but are being led by Mike McQuitty, our Intentional Interim.  In addition, a Transition Team of six members works alongside Pastor Mike to provide the guidance and steering that the lead pastor would be providing.   


Vision Team

  • The Vision Team leads Valley by praying and seeking direction from God in understanding the specific directions God is calling us to move. 
  • Current members are -  Susan and Harold Tinsley

Leadership Team

  • This team is made up of leaders of a multitude of areas in the life of Valley. Together they strive to keep Valley working towards "Making Family...on Mission." 

Transition Team

  • This team serves to keep Valley focused and moving forward during our transition time.  Their responsibilities are
    • Work in cooperation with Valley’s Vision Team and Leadership Team to make decisions regarding transitions in this interim season.
    • Provide leadership to Sunday morning worship including the securing of interim preaching and worship music personnel.
    • Serve as direct oversight and advocate for Valley’s Ministry Assistant in the absence of a Lead Pastor.
    • Serve as primary contact with Vision Team to an outside consultant to help determine the road ahead for Valley.
    • Recommend creation of a Pastoral Search Committee when appropriate and recommend members of the Pastoral Search Committee with input from Vision Team and Leadership Team.
    • Serve as a temporary intermediary between VBC and Maryland Christian Church and VBC and Valley Baptist Preschool.
  • Current members are - Aaron Stewart, Alvin Bowles, Cathy Burgess, Ellen York, Ethan Stevenson, and Jacque Spielman.